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Investment Strategy

Circle Capital Partners is dedicated to acquiring, developing, and capital raising for strategic multi-family, short-term rental, and mixed-use real estate investments throughout the United States.

  • For acquisitions, we target properties in high-growth markets with established competition, high barriers to entry, a growing population, strong employment growth, and otherwise healthy economies.
  • Our development platform focuses on high-growth markets with limited new supply in both the multi-family and mixed-use real estate asset classes.
  • We have strategically aligned ourselves with local partners utilizing a vertically integrated development and management platform.
  • We choose our development opportunities carefully, employing the expertise of partners and associates operating in those markets.
  • Our local knowledge translates into projects that have been meticulously designed to respond to changes in market trends. We believe this approach maximizes resident living experiences while remaining flexible and responsive to the unique needs of the communities in which we operate.
  • Properties are sold only at peak times to maximize the value we create through flawless operational execution, favorable debt terms, and long-standing relationships with strategic partners.

Investment Criteria

  • Targeted investments are multi-family properties with A or B quality from the 1970s or newer.
  • Favorable debt terms are always sought to maximize return.
  • Targeted properties show signs they will benefit from capital improvements and asset repositioning.
  • Investment properties are always purchased 20-30% below replacement costs.
  • Targeted properties are in high-growth areas with strong employment, a growing population, high barriers to entry, and established competition.

These criteria, combined with our expertise in financing strategies, strategic asset management, and operating efficiencies, generates both strong cash flow and capital appreciation.


Asset Management

Working with carefully chosen property management partners, Circle Capital Partners closely monitors the strategic plans for each property to ensure business goals are being met.

Circle Capital’s asset management teams look at tax issues, market trends, and the macroeconomics of each market and each investment on an ongoing basis. We continuously monitor all property income and expenses, capital improvements, and sub-market trends.

By analyzing both macro and microeconomic factors regularly, we identify the correct time for asset disposition or refinancing, to best maximize capital preservation and appreciation.


Investor Reporting

Circle Capital Partners provides detailed investor reporting on a monthly/quarterly basis for all investment activity. Each report will drill down on property performance and provide full financial transparency.

We employ the Juniper Square platform to provide investors with around-the-clock access to financial reporting, further ensuring transparency and efficiency.


Strategic Partnerships

With extensive real estate investment experience spanning most of the United States, Circle Capital Partners has strategic partnerships that bring off-market and on-market opportunities to maximize investor returns.

We strongly believe in the value of these relationships across all facets of the business. From investors, partners, brokers, lenders, lawyers, and insurance agents, to accountants and other professionals:  these long-standing relationships enable Circle Capital to strategically work through any investment opportunity efficiently.

Circle Capital Partners consistently expands its investor and business execution partnerships to source the best opportunities in current market conditions.

Weller Management

Weller is a diversified residential real estate organization providing multi-family apartment community investment, management, and consulting services to its valued partners and clients through local experience, and real-time market trends.

Founded in 2005, Weller has grown to be a leading property management and real estate investment services company representing clients with over 20,000 units throughout the Southeast, including Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Weller’s portfolio consists of everything from brand new lease-ups to value-add repositioning in both conventional market rate, workforce, and affordable housing/LIHTC multi-family housing.

Weller is led by principals with an extensive background with blue-chip firms including Greystar, Gables, Village Green, and RAM. Weller focuses on targeted financial controls, quality accounting and reporting, extensive training and education programs, national vendor discount pricing, and first-in-class policies and procedures for out-performance in rent growth, occupancy levels, risk management, and preventative maintenance.

Weller’s integrated client services platform offers a broad range of services including, acquisition, underwriting, due diligence, land entitlement and development services, construction renovation, marketing, disposition, and condominium association management. Weller aims to assist clients in their growth and investment objectives.

Weller stands apart from other property management companies through its dedication to personal service and demonstrated commitment to positively impacting the communities it serves.

Investment In Knowledge

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